Driver Management:

Driver Recruitment:

As drivers are key to an effective operational and performance, Rajlaxmi has developed a specific recruitment process for the drivers. This includes the following:

It is ensured that drivers have minimum 3 years of heavy vehicles driving experience and are in age group between 25-55.

Driver Training

Rajlaxmi ensures that drivers are recruited only after meeting the required criteria mentioned in the driver recruitment policy. Induction training shall be provided to the driver and familiarization to RRPL's various policies shall be carried out in this along with company's other rules and regulations.

Drivers are further trained on defensive driving, fire fighting, first aid, accident management etc. and they understudy with one of our senior drivers for one week to understand the loading and offloading operations before being inducted to any trips. Weprovide further training on product knowledge and handling, site familiarization, rules and regulations at various Customers sites.

Drivers and all the management members are trained to be more environmentally friendly, they are always motivated and asked to reduce reuse and recycle.


RRPL ensures that all drivers are trained as per the company requirements through a mentoring process that is undertaken during early stages of their employment. Abilities of the drivers in terms of their driving skills are therefore tested.

In addition, during in-cab partnering sessions the performance of the drivers is monitored. Any corrective action or training required is addressed at this stage. Driver Trainer or Mentor is the person, who at the early stages of recruitment, tests the driver of his driving abilities and gives the report. After recruitment, the Mentor keeps a track of the drivers performance at all stages etc.

Driver League System:

Rajlaxmi has introduced the Driver League System to promote proactive safety culture among drivers. As per the system, drivers can earn points on merits like accident free month, complaint free month, break down free month, number of near miss reports reported, etc. and can lose points on accidents, customer complaints, traffic violations and any disciplinary notices. These points are then converted into Incentives to drivers.

Journey Management:

Driver Working Hours:

RRPL monitors drivers working hours and driving hours on daily basis to ensure that violations are not happening from the set guidelines of drivers working hours. In case of any possible violations the operations manager takes appropriate and immediate action to prevent any future violations on drivers working hours.

Route Hazard Mapping:

Rajlaxmi carries out route hazard mapping of all authorized routes and the threats and control measures identified shall be recorded in a stipulated format along with site pictures. This will be further disseminated to all concerned drivers through toolbox sessions and copy of the report shall be given to them for their reference.

Rajlaxmi shall ensure that authorized routes are assessed periodically to incorporate any changes on road condition in the route assessment records.

On Board Computers (GPS Monitoring):

Rajlaxmi has installed On Board Computers (OBC) to monitor and ensure that drivers are not violating set guidelines for safe driving, which includes drivers working hours, adhering to the speed limits, harsh braking, etc. OBC reports are reviewed on regular basis and appropriate action shall be taken on defaulters like counseling and other disciplinary actions.

Operations Department
Maintenance Department

At our office we make sure we make the best of the resources and save the natural resources as a way to be more environmentally friendly. We have tried to keep our office as paperless as we can, we have rain water harvesting at our facility and make sure plants and trees are well kept for a healthy environment.